T09.2 - It starts with WHY by Simon Sinek

Episode 13 November 27, 2021 00:18:01
T09.2 - It starts with WHY by Simon Sinek
W01 - Welcome & Orientation
T09.2 - It starts with WHY by Simon Sinek

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Episode 01

November 25, 2021 00:06:20

T01 - Useful Tips

Welcome to Workshop 01! The first topic in this workshop covers some valuable hints and tips that will help you get started. All our meetings are conducted over Zoom with people from all parts of the world. Zoom is rapidly becoming the new face-to-face, and as with any meeting, attention is the currency of relationship. In other words, be present - multi-tasking & Zoom simply don’t mix!. Those you are interacting with know when you are only half present. By all means, be relaxed, take notes and deal with the kids and other distractions. Everyone understands that. What doesn’t work is focusing on other projects and pretending you are paying attention. Another great key to success is taking advantage of weekly onboarding sessions with your Connector.  Although you may not initially realise it, your best chance of meeting relevant others in the CC is through your Connector. During your onboarding sessions, your Connector will not only help you learn the system, but they will also build trust with you so that they can easily advocate you to others in their team and the wider CC. It is vital to set up weekly meetings with your Connector to help you work through our Syllabus and, in the process, get to know you better. Our workshops are designed to help you amplify what you learn as you progress through the Syllabus with your Connector. Our Workshops have 2 formats. In the first workshop of the month, we split everyone into small random groups to meet others in the CC and find out how to best advocate for one another. For all workshops apart ...


Episode 04

November 25, 2021 00:06:25

T04 - Row with both oars

Row with both Oars When you row a boat, you go around in circles if you only row with one oar. It’s the same with network building. One oar represents the effort you put in to expand your team.  The other oar represents the effort you put in to: Meeting others Building relationships and Advocating for others you trust These activities tend to be very satisfying. Most people enjoy building relationships and helping others. We refer to rowing with this oar as networking. Rowing with the network-building oar, on the other hand, is based on activities such as: Finding like-minded others for whom network building is important Inviting them to become part of your team Inviting them to follow the system provided by the CC Helping your team duplicate your example These are the activities required to build an exponentially growing team of team building advocates. This typically leads to a huge amount of advocacy. However, such actions are typically not as fun as meeting great new people already part of the network. Network-building activities require consistent effort. However, we have many tools that can help you become far more effective and efficient. It is essential to realise that your role is not to sell the CC.  You are inviting people to join your team and use the CC’s tools, culture, and meetings. The CC is there to help individuals build their own relationship-based networks. Your network-building results will ...


Episode 12

November 27, 2021 00:01:40

T09 - Prepare for Workshop 02

Prepare for Workshop 2 A quiz entitled “Scale of 1 to 10” is attached to Topic 9 of Workshop 1. Make sure you complete this quiz before attending Workshop 2. It will only take you about 2 minutes to complete! This Quiz helps you rate the things that are important to you on a scale of 1 to 10. We hope that you will see the success of your business endeavours as merely a means to help you achieve the End goals you truly desire. Perhaps you originally started your business in the hope of achieving these End goals. There is a great short video about Means Goals vs End Goals by Vishen Lakliani that follows the episode you are listening to right now. This video, plus Simon Sinek’s famous TED talk “It’s Starts with Why”, will help you prepare for Workshop 2. The focus of Workshop 2 is on why it’s so worthwhile committing a small amount of time every day to build your network as well as engaging in networking activities. In preparation for Workshop 2, think about some End goals that are important to you. For example: My End goals are to: Create more memories with my loved ones and close friends Strengthen relationships with those close to me Have more adventurous experiences – especially travelling to exciting and interesting places Make a greater difference in the lives of others The way I plan to make these End goals happen is: Build my network to discover ...