T09.1 End goals vs Means goals by Vishen Lakliani

Episode 12 November 27, 2021 00:11:53
T09.1 End goals vs Means goals by Vishen Lakliani
W01 - Welcome & Orientation
T09.1 End goals vs Means goals by Vishen Lakliani

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T02 - WHY build your network?

When you build a large, exponentially growing team of team-building advocates, you develop a highly valuable asset. In general, such a network is an essential part of the success of most endeavours. As such, we believe it makes sense to consider network building as the “beast that feeds all other beasts”. Hence, our motto is: network first, ideas second. However, you will need to invest a consistent effort in building your network to reap the rewards. Workshop number 2 is devoted entirely to exploring the value of building your network. We believe that building your network is no longer an optional extra. In other words, it’s wise to accept that network-building is worthwhile sticking with. So we suggest you enjoy the journey.  Have fun Decide to be as effective, results-oriented and efficient as possible. ...


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T08 - The Builders Menu

The Builders menu is your go-to place to access everything the CC provides. The Builders Menu options are divided into the following groups. Membership Syllabus Meetings Podcasts Your Activity It’s essential to explore these options in your own time. However, we will give you a quick overview of some Builders Menu options now. The Membership options include Register or rejoin These are the options that you will access when you are onboarding a new member or rejoining a member who has been taking a break. If someone has been in the CC previously, you must use the rejoin option rather than the register option. That way, the rejoining member can access any previous personal information. By default, a rejoining member will be connected with the person who was previously coaching them. However, this can easily be changed by Admin if the rejoining member wants a different Connector. Update your profile When you initially register in the system, provided you have the CC version of the MyMostTrusted Chrome extension installed and activated, and you are logged into LinkedIn, your default values will be automatically copied from your LinkedIn profile. The update option of the Builder’s menu allows you to update those details. View your invoices This is important for accounting and tax. You can print an invoice or download it as a PDF. Update your payment ...