T09 - Prepare for Workshop 02

Episode 12 November 27, 2021 00:01:40
T09 - Prepare for Workshop 02
W01 - Welcome & Orientation
T09 - Prepare for Workshop 02

Show Notes

Prepare for Workshop 2

A quiz entitled “Scale of 1 to 10” is attached to Topic 9 of Workshop 1.

Make sure you complete this quiz before attending Workshop 2.

It will only take you about 2 minutes to complete!

This Quiz helps you rate the things that are important to you on a scale of 1 to 10.

We hope that you will see the success of your business endeavours as merely a means to help you achieve the End goals you truly desire. Perhaps you originally started your business in the hope of achieving these End goals.

There is a great short video about Means Goals vs End Goals by Vishen Lakliani that follows the episode you are listening to right now.

This video, plus Simon Sinek’s famous TED talk “It’s Starts with Why”, will help you prepare for Workshop 2. The focus of Workshop 2 is on why it’s so worthwhile committing a small amount of time every day to build your network as well as engaging in networking activities.

In preparation for Workshop 2, think about some End goals that are important to you.

For example:

My End goals are to:

The way I plan to make these End goals happen is:


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