T06.1 - Multiply your time! By Rory Vaden.

Episode 10 November 26, 2021 00:18:31
T06.1 - Multiply your time! By Rory Vaden.
W01 - Welcome & Orientation
T06.1 - Multiply your time! By Rory Vaden.

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Episode 03

November 25, 2021 00:01:48

T03 - What is the Primary purpose of the CC

What’s the Primary purpose of the CC? The primary purpose of the CC is to help you. Build a team of Team-building Advocates The larger your team, the larger the number of people advocating for you. The reason advocating networks work so well is that anyone can promote anyone except themselves. We all know how ineffective and uncomfortable it is to try to sell ourselves. On the other hand, we all know how effective it is to advocate for someone we trust to someone we believe will benefit from being connected with them. We also know that opportunities come attached to people within organisations rather than the organisations themselves. The main reason we want to help you build a team of team building advocates is so that you have a greater opportunity to achieve your End goals as well as your means goals. For example, your End Goals may include a desire to develop increased sustainable income with less effort so that you can create more memories, relationships and experiences with your family and closest friends and make a greater difference in the lives of others. Ideas are abundant. Especially technology-related ideas. However, the networks that can make those ideas succeed are not in abundance. As Tim Ferris (the author of the 4-hour workweek) said It is my opinion that if you choose one event properly and you build a network there in the right way, in a methodical way that really focuses on long-term mutual relationships, as opposed to transactions ... you will never have to network again, ever. ...


Episode 13

November 27, 2021 00:18:01

T09.2 - It starts with WHY by Simon Sinek



Episode 02

November 25, 2021 00:00:58

T02 - WHY build your network?

When you build a large, exponentially growing team of team-building advocates, you develop a highly valuable asset. In general, such a network is an essential part of the success of most endeavours. As such, we believe it makes sense to consider network building as the “beast that feeds all other beasts”. Hence, our motto is: network first, ideas second. However, you will need to invest a consistent effort in building your network to reap the rewards. Workshop number 2 is devoted entirely to exploring the value of building your network. We believe that building your network is no longer an optional extra. In other words, it’s wise to accept that network-building is worthwhile sticking with. So we suggest you enjoy the journey.  Have fun Decide to be as effective, results-oriented and efficient as possible. ...